April 17, 2008

waiting out the storm

I'm waiting out yet another snow storm in the mountains before heading out on my next trip.

Keystone Ranch Golf Course - Thursday, April 17 - 6 am
From the Mountain Cams, Summit Daily News

When I lived there, we used to say there are only three seasons in Summit County - Fall, Winter, and the Fourth of July. However, I can tell you that it has actually snowed there on the Fourth of July - two years in a row! Imagine doing the biggest craft show of the summer - in the snow!

April 16, 2008

A few years ago, I went on a tangent, writing quotes on brown paper, tearing them into strips and decoupaging them onto everything from chairs and bookshelves to flower pots. I sold them like crazy at a little specialty shop in the mountains, which sadly no longer exists.
If it did, I'd still be happily up to my elbows in paper and paste.

This is the only flower pot I made for myself.

The quote is from one of my favorite books, Einstein's Dreams, by Alan Lightman, and it reads:

"Time flows more slowly farther from the center of the earth. The effect is miniscule, but it can be measured with extremely sensitive instruments. Once the phenomenon was known, a few people, anxious to stay young, moved to the mountains."

April 02, 2008

spring break

I've been taking some time off from the blog to enjoy my life.
Not that you can't do both - blog and enjoy - but for me lately it's been one or the other.

I looked up from my computer one day recently and realized the sun had been shining and I'd missed it. And I think a gremlin must have crept into my house and filled the kitchen sink with dirty dishes and had thrown my clothes all over my bedroom floor! Egads!

I was spending far too much time staring at this screen, not just writing my own posts, but reading every other blog on my favorites list and clicking on every link that looked interesting, and wondering at the end of the day, where all the time went.

So, I took a blog break, and I feel just a little pang of regret in admitting that I really did not miss it.

I've made more jewelry, taken more photos, listed more things in my Etsy shops. The dreaded taxes are done and in the mail. Oh, and I've made my bed and done the dishes and have even left the house several times!

The sun is shining today and the sky is blue, so I'm outa here.....

Wishing you all some sunshine and the time to enjoy it.