October 13, 2008

time and the river flow on...

It's been four months since my 'final' post and I'm surprised how many people still visit the old blog.
Although I don't plan to be back on a regular basis, I thought I'd give my visitors something new to look at.

I took some great pictures at my one and only craft show back in June but they were lost in a computer meltdown just days later. So distressed was I after the series of unfortunate events that left me without a computer that I decided to take it as a clue to learn to live without it. So, I packed all the pieces and parts away in the closet and remembered life before the PC. It was a good life. I cooked more, left the house more often, visited friends, read a couple of books. But with my Etsy shop closed, I had no way to get my studio destash into the hands of people who could use it. So, I gave in to the pressure, repaired and rebuilt the computer and re-opened my shops.

I still miss the good old days but I guess they are not coming back.

One thing that can be counted on to come back though is the change of seasons.
The golden glow of autumn is filling the valley. The snows of last winter never completely melted from the mountain tops and already there has been new snowfall.

I took this picture last year when the leaves were falling from the trees along the river that runs through our town.
In a few weeks, it will once again look just like this.

Time and the river flow on.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your time.