February 24, 2010

Dreaming of Spring

With winter lingering on and spring still far away,
I escape the cold and snow and gray skies
by browsing through pastel floral loveliness on Etsy.

solstice crown by whichgoose
vintage plates at EmilyLynch
touch the sky fine art print by honeytree
creme fraiche hair pins by MiaBeads

February 20, 2010

Mixin' It Up

Lately I'm liking silver and gold together
more than either one of them alone.

These necklaces and earrings are available in my Etsy shop.
Clicking on the pictures will take you there.

I'm wondering what others think about mixing metals.
Do you like the look or is it not your thing?

February 15, 2010

Photo Phun

I've been playing with pictures.
Downloaded Poladroid {free}

which converts digital pix into polaroid look alikes.

These are things I do when avoiding real work.

February 09, 2010

1000 Markets

During my vacation from the blog, I opened a shop at 1000 Markets.
It's quite a different experience from Etsy and I have to say, I feel more at home at 1KM. Sales have been good and I've made some great on-line friends via
the 'markets' I belong to.

Individual shops at 1000 Markets can be customized by creating 'collections' which can be displayed in a variety of ways. Each shop has it's own unique look, and the layout can be changed as often as you like, so it's always fresh.

If you haven't checked out 1000 Markets, I'd love for you to visit my shop.

February 05, 2010

Friday Fun

Is it still Friday?.........
Got a little lost today,
caught up in my endless list of bookmarks but luckily found this blog post I saved
from Swiss Miss, a vibrant design blog.

Click on the image to see how a sewing machine works.
Enjoy :-)

February 03, 2010

The Searched and Found

A couple of weeks before I brought my blog back to life,
I was delighted to see my jewelry featured on
The Searched and Found.

It's a lovely new blog dedicated to beautiful finds on Etsy.
If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.