May 28, 2011

it happens every spring

I've noticed that every spring I seem to run out of things to say.

Maybe I'm just more talkative during the long Colorado winter when I spend a lot of time alone in my little house. Summers are short here and once the leaves pop out on the trees, it's hard for me to focus on this tiny screen. And so, it's happened again. I'd rather be outside, thinking of nothing at all.

Not only have I run out of things to say, but Blogger has apparently lost my followers! Have you noticed the blank spot where you all used to be? I didn't remove you, honestly. But I see you are gone and I can only hope you are all outside enjoying your summer too!

May 06, 2011

the better to see you with my dear

Optometrist appointment on Monday.

If not for this crazy wonderful photo from Instantt on Etsy
I probably wouldn't have bothered to mention it.

May 01, 2011

all I really needed

Once upon a time, long ago, I had grown so tired of the never-ending Rocky Mountain winters that I packed my bags and left to find a new home. I spent some time in southern New Mexico, the land of enchantment. From there I traveled the back roads and canyon lands of Arizona and then settled down for a while in California. I moved back to Colorado though, after realizing all I really needed was a vacation.

So, history has repeated itself and I'm ready to return to Etsy. I've found I miss my old home despite the never-ending storms. I've enjoyed my time away but finally realized all I really needed was a vacation.

That said, in case you thought perhaps I exaggerated about the never-ending winters,
here's a picture I took this morning from my studio window.

Springtime in the Rockies
May 1, 2011