March 23, 2010

bits of color

I've been playing with the delicious colors of Czech glass beads.

These are available in my Etsy shop.

March 20, 2010


I'd love to be celebrating the first day of spring
sitting in my lawn chair, sipping a wine cooler,

March 13, 2010

fun with pretend words

I used to be annoyed at those word verification boxes
that pop up when you want to comment on a blog until
I noticed how many of these random arrangements of letters
would make great words.


What definitions would you give these?

March 08, 2010


Although we are all ready (so ready!) for spring,

this is what my world looks like this morning.

Gray is soft to the touch
and very quiet.

To celebrate gray,

here are some recent additions to my shop

March 04, 2010


I would like to live here

and wear long skirts and flowers in my hair.

March 01, 2010

The Power of Packaging

I once worked (briefly) for a jewelry wholesaler who sent out 10-20 orders a day and I was appalled by the lack of care that went into packing those orders for shipment. Jewelry that had sat for a while in a bin was left in dusty plastic bags, crammed into boxes sealed up with wrinkled tape and smudged mailing labels.

Everything about the condition of her packaging said "I don't value my product and I don't value you."

On days when I was scheduled to do the shipping, I was criticized for taking an extra minute to put the jewelry in a fresh bag or smooth the tape on the packing box. (Like I said, I only worked there briefly).

The condition of your packaging can say even more about you than the product you are shipping. I'm sure most Etsy sellers know this so perhaps I'm preaching to the choir, but I recently received an order that might have been sent by my former employer.

It just takes one time of being on the receiving end of sloppy packaging to realize how much of a negative and lasting impression it can make.

Your packaging doesn't need to be fancy or creative, but it should be neat and presentable. Even if your product cost only a few dollars, your customer should feel appreciated and delighted by your efforts.