February 19, 2011

back in time

I've been burnin' up my scanner lately copying pictures from a great collection of "lifestyle" books I have from the 70's and 80's. I love these rooms and used to fancy myself living in each and every one.

It will be a slow process, but I'll be posting all the photos to my Tumblr blog.
Please feel free to follow along. It will be fun for your inner hippie.

a former cigar factory in New York
from Converted Into Houses, 1976

a converted Victorian firehouse in Arkansas
from Small Houses, 1980

a cozy kitchen corner in Berkeley, CA
from Rugs, 1979

February 17, 2011

not yet spring

I've been feeling out of place lately
and have a vague longing to be somewhere else
but don't know where that might be.

It could just be that it's not yet spring
and when it is and everything begins to bloom,
I will feel at home again.

I will wait patiently and see.

February 15, 2011

nature's imprints

It's not often I'm included in an Etsy treasury,
but this morning I got a lovely note from amberike
to let me know my Imprint Earrings were the inspiration for this one.
How sweet!

Be sure to check out the cute, cute, cute button earrings in Amber's shop!

February 12, 2011

all dressed up

I've been admiring these for such a long time
and thought I should pretty-up my blog

with some crocheted rock loveliness from
Stitch Happens.