May 31, 2008

plumber #1 to the rescue!

Continuing on from the tale of woe in my last post, where we were left with a cliff-hanger ending......

Turns out Plumber #2's snake wasn't large enough - er - let me rephrase that and explain.

My flooding problem was a simple case of a clogged line somewhere between my house and the alley and since I live downhill from my neighbor, water flowing from there had no where to go but to seep up around my toilet and flood my floor.

Plumber #2 insisted the problem was that Plumber #1 had not installed the toilet properly back when the house was remodeled - sometime in the last century. But it seems that story was just to throw suspicion off the fact that his equipment was too small - er - let me rephrase that again. His roto-rooter machine simply wasn't powerful enough to completely clear the clog. Rather than admit his short comings - well - you know how it is, don't you ladies.

So Plumber #1, I'm pleased to say, has a new assistant - a nice kid from a good family that has been in the neighborhood for, oh, 30 years or so. (I'm of the opinion that Plumber #1 probably could get more work done if only he's spare his callers all the details).

If Plumber #2 had not called into question the workmanship of Plumber #1, then Plumber #1 might never have responded to me at all, but I believe his pride was at stake. He patiently explained to me that "All them toilets in them old houses down there in that part of town was done that a-way and they work just fine and it's just them pipes down there are old and cracked what with all them roots from all them big trees down there and this kinda stuff's just gonna happen from time to time and it's got nuthin at all to do with the way them toilets was set". (Well, that's the short version).

Plumber #2, he said, was incorrect in his assessment of the situation (not in so many words exactly) - more like "He just don't know how things was done down there in that part of town back then cuz he only just come up here from Maysville a couple-a years ago, ya know, after him and his misses got divorced, and he don't know nuthin 'bout them old pipes down there".

So, to prove the point, Plumber #1 sent his new assistant - a very nice kid indeed, who called me "ma'am" at the end of every sentence. He had Very Large, turbo-charged, industrial-size roto-rooter equipment - twice the size of Plumber #2's dinky little slinky - and with that, the clog was cleared, the flood has ended and my neighbor and I are both singing in the shower again (not together, but we can hear each other sometimes).

There are two morals to this story:
1. It's better to live at the top of the hill than at the bottom.
2. Never believe the stories told to you by a man whose equipment has failed to get the job done.

May 28, 2008

torn between two plumbers

Well, there were two. There are many more now.

Every time my neighbor takes a shower, I end up with a lake on my bathroom floor.

So, I called Plumber #1, who was highly recommended by a friend. Plumber #1, however, was not able to take on any work because his trusted assistant plumber had left town suddenly and without notice after discovering that his girlfriend was running around with another man. Since he was over-booked and under-staffed, Plumber #1 suggested I call Plumber #2.

I did, and Plumber #2 came right over and attempted to fix the problem. But, alas, it was not fixed and when I called him again to report this, he suggested I call Plumber #1, because it was his shoddy work way back when, that has caused this in the first place. While not using those words exactly, I called Plumber #1 again and asked if he could resolve the problem. He was very unhappy that Plumber #2 had called his work into question and I got the sense that I would get nowhere with Plumber #1. Both plumbers, however, did tell me to call them back in the morning, but I knew they were just leading me on.

Realizing I had innocently placed myself squarely in the middle of a showdown between Plumber #1 and Plumber #2, the next morning I called Plumber #3, who came right over.

Plumber #3 was as nice as he could be, but wondered why I had not called Plumber #1. I had, I said, as well as Plumber #2, but I was done with both of them and was pinning my hopes on Plumber #3. Well, this was not his area of expertise, Plumber #3 told me, but he placed phone calls to Plumber #4 and Plumber #5, leaving messages for both of them to get in touch with me. And with that, Plumber #3 bid me farewell and wished me luck.

I waited all day for Plumber #4 and Plumber #5 to call, but they never did. So, I called Plumber #6, whose wife immediately summoned him to the phone. However, he did not think the course of action recommended by Plumber #3 was the right course and I should call Plumber #2 and ask him to have another go at it. And he too, inquired whether I had called Plumber #1.

Seems Plumber #1, who had been left short handed on account of his helpers no-good cheatin' girlfriend, was indeed Plumber #1 on everyone's list! I was beginning to think he held the key to all plumbing wisdom and could perform any kind of plumbing miracle. (Even though this was contrary to the opinion of Plumber #2.)

So, with some trepidation, I again called Plumber #1. My call was answered by Mrs. Plumber #1, who had such a very heavy accent that I was only able to understand a few words during the ten minutes we were on the phone together. (It seemed like so much longer). I was able to make out that she was talking about the poor huddled masses out there that are in dire need of a plumber - homes with children and poor frustrated mothers at wit's end and losing hope - people who were far worse off than me. I got the impression that Plumber #1 was so much in demand that he would never be able to come to my aid. However, his wife said she would be sure to have him call me, but I know he never will.

I don't have a plumber.
It's just me and my mop, alone, waiting for a miracle.

Maybe today?

May 23, 2008

heavy metal

hot and spicy rust

I love that the owners of this fine old Chevy have it proudly on display in front of their house, where they say it is photographed often.

.......some other beauties on display in town........

cloud reflections on a vintage Airstream trailer
and how 'bout that green!

....ooohhh, gorgeous....

Be still my heart!

blending in among the trees and clouds and sky

If I owned this,
I too would line its path with tulips.

Wouldn't you?

May 22, 2008

old brick

Leadville, Colorado, at an elevation of 10,152 feet, is the highest incorporated city in the US.

I drive through it on my way to Summit County, my former home in the mountains. Sometimes I stop for breakfast or to wander around. I should spend more time there with my camera. It's a magical place for someone whose favorite things are weathered wood, peeling paint, rust and old brick.

May 20, 2008

walking around

It's great to be home again.

The view from here is sweet ,
as is the summer weather we are having.
I've been walking around taking pictures
and will post some here in the coming days.

May 13, 2008


Back on March 17th, I wrote a little post noting the first day of spring was coming and that meant only two more months of snow in the mountains.
You thought perhaps that I was just being funny.

No laughing matter really, after living for so many years up where the winter never ends.
The central Colorado mountain are under a winter storm warning today.
For all my dear friends who still live there, this is not funny. Folks up there are beginning to get a little cranky.
For me though, I smile to finally be 2500 feet downhill, where the grass is green and the flowers are blooming and my only regret is that I didn't move years sooner.

...ah, but it is beautiful...
This picture, from the Arapahoe Basin mountain camera,
was taken yesterday morning.
(Yes, the ski area is still open).

this morning...6am

I'm sure my 'weather in the mountains' posts are getting old, but
I mention it maybe to vent my frustration because I have to drive up there again in the next week. My shops are ready to stock up for summer (if it ever comes) and I'm waiting out yet another storm before getting on the road.
But this storm, too, shall pass and the sun will come out and the drive will be beautiful and the locals may even be smiling...
(assuming there are any left that have not fled to the Bahamas).