October 18, 2007

closed for the winter...

Photo courtesy The Aspen Times

The Twin Lakes Trading Post has closed for the winter.

You wouldn't guess it by the looks of this funky little cabin, but my jewelry sells really well here during the summer months.
Twin Lakes is the last stop before driving over Independence Pass to Aspen, and tourists often pull over here to stretch their legs and look around this collection of rustic little buildings before continuing on to the trendy, wealthy town on the other side of the pass.
But any day now, the high country snows will close Independence Pass for the winter and Twin Lakes and Aspen will be cut off from each other until next summer. Most of the cabins will be buttoned up for their winter hibernation and this area will, for a while, be like the Colorado of old - remote, blanketed in white and blissfully quiet.


Jamie said...

What a cool little place! I can't imagine what it must be like for towns to be cut off from one another.
It's a nice thought to imagine it quiet and remote like the olden days.

That's the same sort of charm that the beaches in Alabama and north FL have for us in the winter. Empty beaches with plenty of space to wander and search for treasures.

Lake Erie Artists Gallery General Manager Paula Atwell said...

Hi Carol Emma,
I just followed the stream from Kim Monaco's blog. Beautiful pics on your blog. Wow! What a great area of the country and really lovely jewelry.