February 12, 2008

mission accomplished

Continuing on from my last post...the organization mission is - well, nearly - complete.

The last pile of 'stuff' got stuffed! I crammed it all into drawers and boxes - until (I told myself) some time when I get around to sorting through it, which I know will never actually happen.

So, now, I have a little more elbow room and don't feel quite so claustrophobic.

I know this need to clear some space is actually just cabin fever that comes from being indoors too much in the winter. My house does not feel quite so small in the summer, when I can enjoy the outdoors or at least leave my doors open to the outside world.

And this summer, there will be yard sales! No, not the ones I go to and haul in more stuff that I will be wanting to throw away next winter. I will be having the yard sales this summer - not one, but several!

I can hardly wait.


pussman said...

What is a yard sale?

I got an e-mail, this afternoon, from my publisher that she will be looking for someone else to illustrate that book! I am so glad :)
In the beginning I felt a little bit guilty that I let go a lot of money but as the hours go by am am more and more satisfied with myself that I did this. At least I will be able to work in my garden in spring and that is a very good thing for me.
I like the leave banner, the new one is more Zen, but I preferred the other one.
But changes can make you feel good, so you'll have to decide.

Carol Emma said...

A yard sale is when you take all the things from your house that you don't want - and put it all out in your yard for a day and sell it - cheap!
What do you call this where you live?
I'm glad you decided not to do the book you did not want to do. You will be much happier in your garden:)
I am still playing with banners - stay tuned (well, I know you will). And, no, I will not give up the blog, but I do feel a need for a change.
Thanks so much for all your comments!

pussman said...

Thanks, I knew the term garage sale...
We do not have this in Belgium, Belgium people are most off the time dull people, they spend a lot of time (not me!) cleaning there houses and buying new thing and throw away old lovely things.
We have flea markets but everything that is like nice furniture is then taken away by antique sellers, They come before the markets open.

Yes I love the banner, gives colour and sun!