February 13, 2008

a profusion of pretties

Getting ready for another sales trip to the mountains - if it will ever stop snowing up there! When packing my jewelry, I like to group pieces by color or materials and put them on large binder rings - very handy for grabbing a hank at a time. As I was gathering and sorting this time, I decided to take some 'group photos' before these go to new homes. Sometimes I miss them when they are gone!

I'll post more as the packing continues.


Infinite Cosmos said...

oh my goodness, those look absolutely GORGEOUS!! i want them all!

Shannon said...

I love the group photos. All your pieces are so beautiful. :)

Kimberly Monaco said...

my goodness! sooooo many things! You must keep pretty busy - I love the photos... looks like a treasure chest of jewels!

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Take care!

junipa said...

so yummy! youre great at
creating these.