May 13, 2008


Back on March 17th, I wrote a little post noting the first day of spring was coming and that meant only two more months of snow in the mountains.
You thought perhaps that I was just being funny.

No laughing matter really, after living for so many years up where the winter never ends.
The central Colorado mountain are under a winter storm warning today.
For all my dear friends who still live there, this is not funny. Folks up there are beginning to get a little cranky.
For me though, I smile to finally be 2500 feet downhill, where the grass is green and the flowers are blooming and my only regret is that I didn't move years sooner.

...ah, but it is beautiful...
This picture, from the Arapahoe Basin mountain camera,
was taken yesterday morning.
(Yes, the ski area is still open).

this morning...6am

I'm sure my 'weather in the mountains' posts are getting old, but
I mention it maybe to vent my frustration because I have to drive up there again in the next week. My shops are ready to stock up for summer (if it ever comes) and I'm waiting out yet another storm before getting on the road.
But this storm, too, shall pass and the sun will come out and the drive will be beautiful and the locals may even be smiling...
(assuming there are any left that have not fled to the Bahamas).

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sulu-design said...

I enjoy seeing these snowy photos as I can totally relate - we got stuck in a horrible snow storm on Mount Hood a couple weeks ago and were glad that we were carrying our snow chains in May. Good luck getting over those mountains - be safe!
By the way, the earrings that you recently posted are so interesting - I like the departure from your usual style. Lovely!