June 05, 2008

one less thing...

The microwave quit working. Just quit. The light and the fan came on. It sounded like it was working. The glass plate went round and round. But the food stayed cold.

Such creatures of habit are we that my first thought was "must run immediately to the big WM store and get another".

But, wait. What do I actually use it for?

:: to warm coffee that has gone cold. But then I forget to drink it anyway.

:: for popcorn.
I love Orvilles' Movie Theater popcorn! Part of my high fat, high sodium diet. And then I pick shards out of my teeth for days afterward. Could I live without it? Possibly.
:: and there are THESE! Oh how I crave them on dreary winter days. Then every spring I need to lose 10 pounds to get back into my summer clothes. (In looking for the link, I found I could order these by the case! Good thing I didn't know this before the microwave quit).

Well, I put the dead microwave in the shed, not having the heart to put it in the trash and have it end up in the landfill. What DO you do with a dead appliance anyway?

Then I filled in the empty space on my counter with useful things.

And - surprise - I have not missed that microwave one little bit.


sherry said...

If I wouldn't have clicked on your blog, I never would have never seen those Betty Crocker desserts.

We tried to go without a microwave for a month, but it was heating up the coffee, that made us break down and get another.

Actually, I do have a fabulous microwave rice cooker.

Mrs.French said...

Good for you! I am completely addicted to mine and don't know why...I never use it!