February 15, 2010

Photo Phun

I've been playing with pictures.
Downloaded Poladroid {free}

which converts digital pix into polaroid look alikes.

These are things I do when avoiding real work.


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Those are great! I love the bed pic. Nice job!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
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Montagyoo said...

So cool! I might have to check out Poladroid myself... :)

Iris O'Connor said...

WOW, they are gorgeous !!!!
will have to check out that Poladroid.
thank you for the link :)

Caroline said...

Those are awesome!

Karen Casey-Smith said...

Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Poladroid is so much fun. :)

pussman said...

The pictures are lovely indeed!
The colours are ooooooh!