May 13, 2010


I named her Madeline. I don't know why. It just popped into my head and I thought it was a fine name. Madeline the Model Mannequin. {There should be a song.}
I seriously hope I don't start talking to her. If I do, she will have to go back into her cardboard box.

As I was preparing to introduce Madeline this morning, I saw in my google reader this post from Karon at Wild Woman about her new model, Angelique. I was, for just a moment, a little jealous that Angelique has such a pretty face and my poor Madeline has no head at all. I was relieved though to learn I'm not the only person to name my model and I'm not the only person to be a little creeped out by her.


Lori said...

lol. hmm... I've not named mine. I do put a shirt on her though. don't like to see a naked lady hanging around. :)

sulu-design said...

Yes, it does appear we're on the same page yet again! I have to agree with Lori - I much prefer the shots with shirts for some reason. A headless naked lady might freak me out.