September 21, 2007


Another bead show, another year in debt!
This was my 6th annual trip to Denver for what is billed as the second largest bead show in the country. (Tucson is the largest).
It's still overwhelming, but not quite as much as the first time, when
I entered a mammoth tent and saw row after row after row of long tables, each piled high with strands of gems in every imaginable size and color. I stopped just inside the door to catch my breath and take it all in when my friend, Deb, suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stood beside me.
Giddy and wild-eyed, I declared, "This must be heaven"!
"No", she said.
"If this was heaven we could get naked and roll around in them".


fernfiddlehead said...

Wow. What a lot of beads. Not being a jewelry maker, I've never been to a bead show. But I did go to China this summer and saw a similar sight at an open market.

Miribella Designs said...

Amazing!!! I wish I lived close enough to go to either CO or AZ...but I'll have to settle for the show in Providence, RI in November :)

treasurefield said...

I love bead shows. Just missed one last weekend. :(

Your photos make it look like a produce market!

Jamie said...

I have never been to a bead show. I probably would have passed out from the excitement. I can't imagine the thrill.