September 19, 2007

Once upon a time....

...long ago, I lived in a cabin 10,000 feet high in the rocky mountains....a real cabin...built deep in the woods by some intrepid miner when the west was wild. One room, a wood stove, a bed, a table, a chair. My possessions were just the essentials: a good ax for splitting wood, a kerosene lamp, a few changes of clothes and
a small collection of really great books.
No car. I walked the three miles to town and back twice a week to waitress at the local cafe and earn enough money for groceries.

In summer, fields of wildflowers replaced the deep and pristine snows of winter. The stars were vivid and bright, unpolluted by any city lights. The silence was sublime.
At night, warmed by a fire in the old box stove, I'd heat a pail of clear spring water and have a luxurious head-to-toe sponge bath before wrapping myself in a billowy down comforter and falling into a deep and peaceful sleep.

I lived there for two glorious years.
It was the greatest experience of my life.


Kimberly Monaco said...

oh my! Is this really true? How incredibly cool is that!!!! It must have been fabulous.

and THANK YOU for linking my blog to yours... I haven't created bloglinks yet but you've inspired me and I will start soon.
Thank you again.

treasurefield said...

I just came to say the same thing: Is that a true story???
I feel a little stab of jealousy!

Carol Emma said...

Thanks for the comments.
Yes, it's a true story...old hippie girl here! It was a fairly common lifestyle in the Colorado mountains back in the early 70's before the land developers moved in! Most of my friends back then were cabin dwellers too, and we all treasure the experience.

RustChic said...

that truly sounds like heaven

Katie said...

We did the same thing here in Tennessee, except we had electricity. And yes, they were wonderful times. I'd go back in a heartbeat!