February 07, 2008

this cyber-heart goes to...

I absolutely love the warm earthy colors of autumn and from now on I’m sure I will simply think of them as nataJane colors. Her Etsy shop is filled with rich greens, golds, reds, and mochas.

The same palette and sensibility is carried over to her blog, where the glimpses she gives of her life and her world are as soft and muted, as warm and cozy as her scarves and wrist gloves.

This blog is as comfortable as the big leather easy chair on the banner and at the same time full of completely unexpected surprises. I've discovered what a multi-talented artist Natalie is. She draws, paints, sews, makes the most mouthwatering brownies and takes great photographs!

Maybe it’s the smoky colors and aura of candle light that give the feeling of turning the well-worn pages of a treasured family album, and I love that her family regularly comments and cheers her on. They’re so obviously proud of their girl and it’s very endearing.

Visit once and you can’t help but go back again and again.
You will want to be part of her family.


Shannon said...

Gorgeous shop and blog. They were new to me. :) Thanks for sharing!

High Desert Diva said...

I'm enjoying your cyber hearts

nataJane said...

Thank you so much! This feature was so nice to wake up to :)

junipa said...

hi, i love your jewellery and
your blog is fantastic too.
i have a tiny challenge for you
in my blog. feel free to visit.