February 04, 2008

another heart

My next cyber-valentine goes to Pussman & Co, a blog by Danielle Roothooft, an artist who lives in Kalmthout, Belgium.

I was hooked from the moment I saw her banner.

We get to peek inside her home - meet her adorable dog, Milan - and her original stuffed dolls, which are like American primitive folk art - see her delightfully innocent and whimsical drawings - along with pages from her illustrated books.

Her wonderful art always makes me smile!

Danielle does not sell on Etsy, but on her blog she does have links to where you can purchase her charming illustrations on shirts, mugs, hats and baby clothes - as well as links to her other blogs where she sells her 'Pussmanstuffies' and original drawings and paintings.

I don't know how Danielle found my blog, but she linked to it and I'm so pleased she did because otherwise, I might never have found her.

When you visit, I hope you'll take the time to browse the archives and check out all the sweet pleasures on this happy little blog.


pussman said...

waw, I'm so honoured.
Thank you so much. Now I will have to do my best more. But the weather has been so grey all winter that it is not very inviting to take pictures. Though yesterday I started working in the garden again, and it made me feel so good, that I will be posting more real soon.
Now just a little work boost( illustration) and then I will have some more free time. Again, thanks so much and I love your blog too! :)

RedBessBonney said...

I love this idea! Nice blog - can't wait to explore it more when I have time.

Regina (Lexi) said...

Fantastic idea. Enjoyed my visit.