March 08, 2008

lost it

I played around all morning with the old poster sketch tool in Etsy (more tax avoidance).
Somehow, I managed to save the top two rows, but I don't know how I did it!! I was able to get it to open in Microsoft Picture It, after much stress and struggle, but took a lot of turns in the process, got lost in the woods for a while, and now I have no idea how I got there.

What you see is what I got - the bottom two rows are missing.
Does anyone know how to save the whole page?
I'm afraid I haven't wasted enough time :)


Heather Buchanan said...

I wish I knew! But those top two rows are so absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could see the rest.

Kimberly Monaco said...

here's a website that might help...

It's "screenshot" software!! YAY!

Oh, by the way... that print on the top - 2nd from the left by Jennifer Lommers?? I have three of her print from that series hanging in my living room right now... they are just FABULOUS!!!!

We have the same taste! but then again... we already knew that...

Kimberly Monaco said...

here's another one

almost forgot about this one... I like this one because you don't have to "download" anything onto your computer.

Carol Emma said...

Thanks Kim...I'll check those out.
I do have Screengrab (a Firefox add-on) that works with everything BUT the poster-sketch...because that is a Flash Program, not a picture, per se.....which seems to be the problem. Still, I did it once, so it is possible!!
And, yes, LOVE the Jennifer Lommers prints!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

If you have an editing program to paste into (such as Photoshop) you should have a button on your keyboard that says 'Print Screen' -hit that (making sure what you want is in view) and then just go to your image editor, click new, click paste- done!

You *might* be able to save the page (File:'save as...' in your browser window) but as it's flash, I'm not sure it'd work. Try though!

Carol Emma said...

little brown sparrow...
Thank you so much!
That did the trick!!
You are right that File:Save would not work with Flash.
Print Screen and Paste worked!
I'm so tired of playing with this now, I will edit and post it some other time.
Thanks again :)

Caroline said...

Beautiful treasury! :)