March 05, 2008

tax time

Lately I've been finding all sorts ways to avoid beginning work on my income taxes -

like taking pictures of my ceiling
(although I do kind of like this one)

Today I even resorted to dusting and vacuuming, proving there are no lengths to which I will not go to avoid the inevitable.


Kimberly Monaco said...

Beautiful swirly thing.. is it glass? I know what you mean about avoidance! That's why I'm here reading blogs!!! lol
Let's go have a BLT and drive around and find weird town names!!

Carol Emma said...

The swirly thing is plastic and it is supposed to live in the yard, but it's so windy sometimes, I fear it will fly away and impale someone!
When it does swirl, it has rainbow colors in it - very psychedelic!
I'd love to have a BLT and take a road trip! Oh, that sounds like so much fun!
I wish I could. I wish I could. Maybe if we click our heels together.....
Or we could buy a bottle of chardonnay and just kick back and watch the swirly thing!!

Kimberly Monaco said...

well, whatever that swirly thing is made of.. it's "groovy"!!
ooooh... chardonnay sounds good too!
I'm clicking my heels!!

nataJane said...

I am the same way! My apartment is never so clean as the times just before I am forced to crack down on a project...

beautiful glass ornament, by the way :)

Little Brown Sparrow said...

haha! Reminds me of Black Books, if you're familiar, where Bernard spends the whole epsiode avoiding his tax return, even resorting to being beaten up by skinheads! I hope you don't get that desperate. ;)

I'm avoiding going to bed...sometimes the web is just too interesting for my own good.

pussman said...

Please do not talk about taxes!!!
This is an ugly word in Belgium and I still am recovering of my previous bill and have to sort out all of my spendings of last year and it is so much work! I HATE IT!!!!
And then you have to pay in the end and that is the worst part :(
Sorry Emma but here you touched a sensitive point. ;)Just kidding but it is true

Trendy Treasures said...

You have to tell yourself, it's such a wonderful feeling when you're done!! Then just do it :)

christi said...

I hold firm in my belief that the best ideas come in times of procrastination! :) That picture is very cool.

The boyfriend always knows that I have work to be doing if he comes home and I'm oh I don't know, cleaning the baseboards around the house... brushing the dog's teeth... organizing my books on my bookshelf by color. Very important things.

High Desert Diva said...

I'm still procrastinating...I must do my taxes...must, must, must.