May 23, 2008

heavy metal

hot and spicy rust

I love that the owners of this fine old Chevy have it proudly on display in front of their house, where they say it is photographed often.

.......some other beauties on display in town........

cloud reflections on a vintage Airstream trailer
and how 'bout that green!

....ooohhh, gorgeous....

Be still my heart!

blending in among the trees and clouds and sky

If I owned this,
I too would line its path with tulips.

Wouldn't you?


Kimberly Monaco said...

are these REALLY from your town? How cool! Love the last one especially... and yes... the road should be lined with tulips!!

Carol Emma said...

These are all just a few blocks from my house. Think what I could find if I seriously went looking!

mary jane said...

i love these pictures!
my fav is rural camouflage..
mary jane